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spotguide.com - The new travel experience discovery directory for NRW

Eine #urbanana-Projektidee von Jens Hoppe empfohlen von Düsseldorf Tourismus

spotguide.com provides a platform for sharing NRW-related travel information for the non-consumer side of travelling - with a focus on talks, walks, moments, views, games, challenges, adventures, flirts and knowledge-wins. By combining user generated content structuring and advanced search and filter technology we provide the fastest access to matching information and enable travelers to find and organize their unique experiences faster and easier. Our special fields are travel with a bigger mission and experimental travel.

So now you are there, in the city you don´t know. You've booked the basics (transport & accommodation). Now get the extra ideas for truly unique travel experiences – via the local portals duesseldorf.spotguide.com, cologne.spotguide.com and ruhr.spotguide.com
Perform your art, join a flashmob, play a soccer game with locals, let a local show you how his business works, spent an evening on a park bench, make friends who you'd like to invite, research for your next project, spread the word about your art, help someone building his/her business, check options to emigrate, and more.

spotguide.com respects that your experience is unique, so there is no package to book, no "easy way". You won't find a travel package that leads you to your goal here. But you will find inspiration and people with experiences.

Stop the endless search. Filter. Find.
Visit NRW: Be there.


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spotguide.com - The new travel experience discovery directory for NRW, © Jens Hoppe

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Bonn Greeters, © Bonn Greeters

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Sight Running NRW empfohlen von Düsseldorf Tourismus

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Der (Hons-)Berg ruft !

Rheinsicht 3D, © 360-up - Marcus Mitter

Rheinsicht 3D

GoldLeben Wanderlust, © PRIMA Neanderthal! e.V.

GoldLeben: Wanderlust

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