#urbanana-Award, © Thomas Baumgärtel

spot­gui­de.com - The new tra­vel ex­pe­ri­ence dis­co­very di­rec­to­ry for NRW

Ei­ne #ur­bana­na-Pro­jekt­idee von Jens Hop­pe emp­foh­len von Düs­sel­dorf Tou­ris­mus

spot­gui­de.com pro­vi­des a plat­form for sharing NRW-re­la­ted tra­vel in­for­ma­ti­on for the non-con­su­mer si­de of tra­vel­ling - with a fo­cus on talks, walks, mo­ments, views, ga­mes, chal­len­ges, ad­ven­tures, flirts and know­ledge-wins. By com­bi­ning user ge­ne­ra­ted con­tent struc­tu­ring and ad­van­ced se­arch and fil­ter tech­no­lo­gy we pro­vi­de the fas­test ac­cess to matching in­for­ma­ti­on and enable tra­ve­lers to find and or­ga­ni­ze their uni­que ex­pe­ri­en­ces fas­ter and ea­sier. Our spe­cial fiel­ds are tra­vel with a big­ger mis­si­on and ex­pe­ri­men­tal tra­vel.

So now you are there, in the city you don´t know. You've booked the basics (transport & accommodation). Now get the extra ideas for truly unique travel experiences – via the local portals duesseldorf.spotguide.com, cologne.spotguide.com and ruhr.spotguide.com
Perform your art, join a flashmob, play a soccer game with locals, let a local show you how his business works, spent an evening on a park bench, make friends who you'd like to invite, research for your next project, spread the word about your art, help someone building his/her business, check options to emigrate, and more.

spotguide.com respects that your experience is unique, so there is no package to book, no "easy way". You won't find a travel package that leads you to your goal here. But you will find inspiration and people with experiences.

Stop the endless search. Filter. Find.
Visit NRW: Be there.


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spotguide.com - The new travel experience discovery directory for NRW, © Jens Hoppe

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GoldLeben Wanderlust, © PRIMA Neanderthal! e.V.

Gold­Le­ben: Wan­der­lust

Kunst & Kiosk, © PoLi  Postner & Limpinsel GbR

Kunst und Ki­osk

Rheinsicht 3D, © 360-up - Marcus Mitter

Rhein­sicht 3D

Mealmatch, © Mealmatch GmbH


tk-siemensstrasse-21-23, © Ins Blaue...

Der (Hons-)Berg ruft !

Valley Rallye, © Ulrich Baltz

Val­ley Ral­lye

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