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Open Hou­se Es­sen

Ei­ne Ur­bana­na-Pro­jekt­idee von Open Hou­se Es­sen

The Ger­man edi­ti­on of world­wi­de ar­chi­tec­tu­re fes­ti­val

Open House Essen is the German edition of worldwide architecture festival, planned for 25-26 September 2021. Essen is the first German city to become a partner of the international, the world's largest association of Open House Worldwide festivals. Open House Worldwide is a network of 46 organisations hosting festivals and dialogue about architecture, design and urban culture across the globe. Open House Worldwide is the largest celebration of the urban culture in the world. The network was founded and is administered by Open City, a charity registered in the United Kingdom. The Open House concept was founded in London in 1992 with the aim of fostering a better understanding of city architecture. The core of this idea lay in the direct experience of the city, its buildings and design, its everyday-life, contemporary culture, art and scientific environment, all accessible for free to all, with opportunities to learn, discuss and debate with experts and citizens. Open House Essen is a celebration of the urban culture and a unique form to explore the city. It includes an extremely varied range of architecture and urban design including hotel lobbies, churches and religious buildings, government buildings, schools, cultural institutions, skyscrapers, inspiring and well-designed private homes, architects offices, headquarters, landscape and public realm, art and craftsmanship, future development sites, and much more. Some of the locations are always open to the public, some are only available on the Open House weekend. 

The main values of the festival are: 
Experience – the festival facilitates opportunities to experience architecture in an extraordinary way. By offering free entry to all events, it enables as wide an audience as possible to participate regardless of age, race, gender, education, or architectural expertise.
Dialogue – creating an accessible and independent platform bridges the gap between experts and users, inhabitants and tourists, government and citizens. It gives permission for everyone (including government, private organisations, professional institutions, and the public) to exchange views, comment and engage in the discussion, a true dialogue.
Empowerment – offering experiences and encouraging dialogue about architecture, urban design, art and culture creates awareness that the public has a stake in the design, development and care of the city. The city is a ‘shared’ space that is co-created and people have the power to change the city development. 
Advocacy – fostering understanding about the value of a well-designed city and the role of its inhabitants in its creation encourages them to advocate for a well-designed built environment. This includes how architecture addresses environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The festival is planned to annually take place in the City of Essen, as well as to involve the whole region of North Rhine-Westphalia, by creating partnership, inviting experts and artists from all the cities in the region. The important thing is that the festival can take place regardless of the epidemic situation. The festival program can feature a mix of pre-recorded videos (including traditional and drone videos) and live-streamed discussions and building and city tours. The live-streams on YouTube and/or Twitch, allowing questions and comments to be received live from the viewing public.

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