beyond tellerand, © Marc Thiele

bey­ond tel­ler­rand

Ei­ne #ur­bana­na-Pro­jekt­idee emp­foh­len von Düs­sel­dorf Tou­ris­mus

My aim is mi­xing dif­fe­rent to­pics to ha­ve (force!) peop­le to not on­ly look at their day by day stuff (li­ke at­ten­ding a Ja­va­Script con­fe­rence, if you do Ja­va­Script or a de­sign event, if you are a gra­phic de­si­gner), but al­so look left and right.

beyond tellerrand, the name of my event, is a mix of the English word “beyond” and the German word “Tellerrand”, which is the edge of a plate. In Germany you say “Über den Tellerrand schauen” which translates to “Look over the edge of your plate”, meaning something like “Think outside the box” (which does not hit the meaning 100%, but comes close). That describes my aim of mixing different topics to have (force!) people to not only look at their day by day stuff (like attending a JavaScript conference, if you do JavaScript or a design event, if you are a graphic designer), but also look left and right. Just to explain the idea a bit. It also is shown in the mix of topics at the event, where the roots are in web related stuff (mostly front end, or “web design” than back end), but spiced with a lot of interesting and inspiring other stuff.


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Lass Dich inspirieren: Dein NRW in Bildern

beyond tellerand, © Marc Thiele

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